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Volvo Penta


''The global demand for power in all types of stationary application continues to grow at a steady and consistent rate, particularly in the developing world, and this is reflected in the huge and expanding market for VOLVO Penta.

With its dedicated and extensive range of stationary engines covering outputs from 100 to 415 kW, VOLVO Penta is well able to meet all the varying demands of this sector.

VOLVO Penta can trace its history back to 1907 when a petrol engine for test operation (the B1, or Bensin 1 cylinder) was commissioned from what was to become the Penta Company. The engine was called ‘Penta’, the Greek word for five, a name inspired by virtue of there being five visionaries who attended the meeting at which the first drawings were presented. The company has been a leading engine design and production company ever since, responsible for many technical innovations including the first series turbo diesel (1954) and the introduction of charge-air-cooling (1955).

VOLVO Penta engines have been used in all types of stationary application- from irrigation pumps to hydraulic power packs- in wide ranging ambient conditions. Here they have demonstrated excellent performance, reliability and efficiency over long periods of time. VOLVO Penta stationary engines offer OEMs and end-user excellent start-up and load-acceptance characteristics combined with superb operating economies and, of increasing importance for many of today’s applications, low noise levels.''

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» visit: http://www.volvo.com

Available Products of Volvo Penta ▼

 » Industrial Engines

 » Powergen engines 1500r min, 50 hz

 » Powergen engines 1800r min, 60 hz