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etco heavy equipment Pionjar




''Atlas Copco petrol driven drills/breakers are self-contained and require no hoses or power cables to operate. The Pionjär 120 is a combined drill/breaker. A multi-purpose tool that can be used for drilling, rock splitting, concrete breaking, asphalt cutting, tie tamping and many other applications.

Powerful, portable and easy to use with a wide range of accessories, the Pionjar is a versatile tool. This petrol driven drill and breaker is ideal for drilling and breaking jobs in and around town. Additionally, it is well suited for applications in remote sites with limited access.''

To learn more of Atlas copco:

visit: http://www.atlascopco.com

Available Products of pionjar▼

  Pionjar 120/130

The gasoline powered Pionjar120, an ideal tool for small drilling & breaking jobs, when working on hard-to-reach sites.

It handles time-consuming manual work in a matter of minutes, and can do many types of jobs using over 20 different types of tools and special accessories.

Technical Data

Length (120)

730 MM

Length (130)

690 MM

Weight (120)

26 KG

Weight (130)

24 KG

Fuel Tank

1.4 l

Fuel Mixture

1:12 (8%)


2600 - 2800 per minute

Fuel Consumption

1.6 L/H


6 M