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Solid surface is an extraordinarily versatile surfacing material which is a synthetic blend of natural minerals, which serves as stone filler and high performance acrylic or polyester resin which serves as binder. The mixture is then poured into molds which form the matrix. The chemical reaction causes resin to polymerize and harden, bonding the entire matrix together in a hard, strong mass.

Solid surfacing materials are quickly growing in popularity because of its unique combination of practical, functional and decorative qualities. Designers, architects, builders and even homeowners appreciate its unlimited design potential and the consistency of colors and patterns throughout the material. Its non-porousness makes it the natural choice for solid surfacing applications in kitchens, bathrooms, pantries and children's play rooms while its flexibility in design makes it the best choice for commercial and industrial applications. Since it is solid, it is renewable and has inconspicuous seams, giving it exemplary beauty and elegance. Applications for solid surface are extremely enormous since it can be cut and bonded to fit nearly any surface.

Solid surface countertops, vanities and a host of other applications have increase the beauty and value of homes, hotels, restaurants, resorts and modern offices. It is really getting the best value for your money.

To learn more of Avonite:

» visit: http://www.avonitesurfaces.com

Home appearance reflects the owner's personality, aspirations and taste, so it is important that it looks perfect. This idea is the driving force that brought about the establishment of Avonite, the pioneer in solid surfacing industry which was established in 1983. Through the years it has been known for its unbridled passion and spirited innovations. At present it is the international favorites in the world's leading hotels, resorts, fine dining and elite kitchens as well as unique corporate environment, because of its exquisite colors, distinct qualities and unlimited versatility. Avonite has impressed people with its new product benchmarks including realistic texture, recycled products and rich collections of stones inspired by glass, concrete, precious metals and other natural materials.

Avonite, being an American company has passed certain standards which guarantee the customer's its products are of high quality. The company uses machines and tools of advance technology and its staff are trained with full expertise to assure the perfection in each finish product. These stones can be cut and fabricated into different shapes and sizes depending on the need and desire of the customer or the designer. The most popular uses of this at the moment is for window sills, display and wall panels, kitchen counter tops, vanity tops, bar counters, shower enclosure and bathtub surround. The flexibility in design depends solely to the creativity of the designer to illustrate his/her inspiration and individuality through his/her work.

El-Aghil Solid Surface is proud to introduce this brand to the market because of its enormous uses and indisputable reliability.


elaghil solid surface

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